Tuesday, September 20, 2011

There are no individuals; only different elements of the whole.

The vast majority of people I have ever spoken to can all name someone on this planet that they don’t like. Someone who they think is perpetuating or encouraging a lack of morality usually. They look at this person and say “You’re a bad person. You’re doing bad things. If you didn’t exist other people would be better off.”
But if that person didn’t exist, someone else would be in their place saying the exact same things they are. In other words, the “individual” is completely irrelevant. They are merely, coincidentally, the instrument through which that particular expression is currently being expressed.
It is that element of human nature that people despise, but to label a singular individual by name, saying that they are causing that element, is ludicrous. They are only, at this point in time, the physical manifestation of that portion of the whole. If humanity grows past the point of having these undesirable elements, then nobody will display those undesirable characteristics, but currently, it is humanity as a whole that is at a place that still harbors these characteristics. You are part of it as much as the person you dislike is. The current human mindset, the one you and almost everyone else is in, is the mindset that allows monsters to grow. They just happen to be where they are, and you happen to be where you are.

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